Okta Trust

System Status:

12-Month Availability: 99.99%

Because Okta's architecture is highly multi-tenant and includes a large set of use cases, products and geographical regions, the availability displayed here is an average of Okta service incidents that affected at least 10% of customers and is not intended to be representative of each customer's specific service availability.

Trust starts with transparency.

Our brand is built upon Trust, and our customers count on us to uphold that promise. Nothing is more important than the reliability and security of our service.

The Okta Trust Page is a hub for real-time information on performance, security, and compliance.

System Status

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As the identity company that stands for trust, Okta sets an aggressively high bar for availability. We know how critical service reliability is to our customers across the world, which is why we're committed to setting the industry standard for availability.

The end result is a better user experience with less turnaround time, fewer obstacles, and fewer handoffs.